“Meet Your Farmers”

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Dugan (above left) has always wanted to be a farmer and Beth (the lovely lady to the right and you will most likely see at the market)  had secret hopes to return to a way of life she had had as girl. Dugan first fell in love with farming when he attended the Mountain School in Vermont. It is a high school designed to integrate academics and farm life together. He left there and continued with the normal course of study which eventually lead to a degree in  resource economics and a job in Texas.

Upon his return to CT, he began talking with his parents (Van and Beth) about how he was concerned about the food supply. His sister, Allena, was already encouraging her family to consume as much organic food as possible and attend farmers markets, but with the added voice of her brother the seed of an idea began to germinate. Dugan began avidly researching homesteading and animal husbandry. He discovered the American Livestock Breed Conservancy and their list of heritage animals. He spoke with a local farmer, Craig Floyd (an awesome man by the way), about his animals and how they were being raised differently from other small farms.

Eventually the search for a suitable piece of property began around the same time that the YMCA decided to sell their North Stonington day camp. It appeared to be the perfect place to start and in June of 2011 the purchase was finalized. Work began immediately to restore the buildings and assess the necessary work to make a day camp into a farm. The first animals arrived at the farm in November of the same year in the form of five adorable Tri-Heritage piglets from Craig Floyd’s Footstep Farm.

Since then, Firefly Farms began its herds of critically endangered Mulefoots (hog), Randalls (bovine), Guinea Hogs (hog) and flock of Dorkings (chickens).

Now, please meet some of the animals.

Randall Linebacks are an incredibly rare heritage breed. They were a multipurpose animal used for dairy, meat, and as oxen. Once a familiar sight in New England, by 1985 only 15 Randalls remained. These were saved and carefully bred and nurtured by a small number of individuals, including the Randall family.


The Dorking chicken is an ancient breed first developed as a landrace in the area of Kent, Sussex, and Surrey counties in England. This area was famous for producing poultry of the highest quality for the table; the five-toed Dorking having been the most sought after of these chickens. It is the town of Dorking, once called Darking, for which the breed was named.



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Meet Your Farmers


A true farming legacy. The Secchiaroli Farm started in 1911 by Alessandro. His grandson Jonathan and his wife Hazel now own and operated the farm. 


Jonathan Secchiaroli:
Waterford native and 4th generation pig farmer, Jonathan studied
animal science at the University of Connecticut.   In 2010, he
became the sole proprietor of the family owned agricultural/
recycling business that began in 1911.  His daily routines include
ensuring wellness of the animals, customer satisfaction, and
compliance with the United States Department of Agriculture.
Hazel Secchiaroli:
Hazel is a San Diego native who graduated with a degree in
Psychology at San Diego State University.   She developed a love
for pig farming after meeting Jonathan in 2000 and relocating to
Waterford.  In addition to supporting the family farm, Hazel has a
full time job in the pharmaceutical industry which has also
enabled her to further her education by pursuing her MBA.

Hazel has developed a passion for the local food movement and
involves herself by supporting local organizations whenever time
allows.  She is currently serving as board member on the
Northeast Pork Association In the summer, you can find Hazel at
the farmers markets in Waterford, Niantic or Old Saybrook.


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Arpil 18, 2016

Meet the “Ladies” from Brush Hill Dairy

Brush Hill Dairy is a small family owned dairy farm in picturesque Bozrah, CT. They currently milk 35 grade Holstein, Jersey and Dutch Belt cows and raise their heifers for herd replacement.Brush Hill Dairy cows are a part of their family with many reaching 10+ years old.

Brush Hill Dairy will be at the Waterford Farmers Market again this season! They will have Raw Milk, Beef, Berries and Vegetables.



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“The Cold Weather Blues”?

Smith’s Acres is having an Event this weekend that will help you with those Blues!

Garden Party Come in and plant up a custom designed Hanging Basket. We supply everything you need, 6 plants, soil, fertilizer, and pot. We will help you choose plants that will live happily together for your growing conditions. Then we hang them up in our greenhouse and take care of them until it’s safe to put outside – usually just in time for Mother’s Day. $34.99 Kids love to help plant, and these make great gifts.12494764_10154016705026763_6717528546304543652_n

… and another wonderful event with Teri and Dawn from La Belle Aurore12923227_10154017190671763_3316330021867547494_n

We have something new and exciting to offer you this spring. We are teaming up with our favorite “Farm to Table” restaurant La Belle Aurore. On Monday, April 18th, you can meet us at the restaurant, and do a little planting fun. Enjoy some tasty treats from Dawn, perhaps purchase a beverage of your choosing, and plant up a cute little Hanging Terrarium with succulents. Everything you need to complete one of these terrariums is included, with a delicious dinner, for just $40.

Smith’s Acres  is a local, special business and one of our farmers at Waterford Farmers Market.


Smith’s Acres LLC is a family owned and operated garden center and farm stand nestled in downtown Niantic. Smith’s Acres is staffed by a wonderful group of women affectionately referred to as “Veggie Girls”, a name coined years ago by one of our nephews. Our Veggie Girls are the backbone of our operation. These helpful women can be easily spotted at the garden center – just look for a sea of Purple shirts. Chances are, if she’s wearing purple, she works here. Hardworking, artistic, fun-loving – these women who are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to help you become successful in your garden.

If you are looking for locally grown plant material for your garden, Smith’s Acres is the place to shop. We carry exclusively CT grown annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs.  The vast majority of vegetable & herb plants, annuals and hanging baskets come right from our farm in East Lyme, with our combination planters being Teri’s specialty.

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2016 Season


Saturdays June 18th ~ October 15th

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April 4, 2016 · 6:15 pm

2014 Season !

2014 Season !

We are looking forward to a great 2014 Season. Incredible farmers bringing fresh and local produce, cheese and meat to our community. ~ See you in June

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April 4, 2014 · 7:17 pm

spring is just around the corner!

It may not seem like it after getting hit with 3+ feet of snow…but, it’s true!  Spring really is just around the corner, and with Spring comes…The Waterford Farmers Market!  Yes, we’ll begin our 2013 Season with our first market on June 22nd.  Dust off your farmers market baskets and bags and get ready for some beautiful & delicious, locally grown produce and other goodies.  See you at the market!

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